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Anoushka Davy is a Nutritional Therapist working with individuals to improve their health through natural means.


I designed a brand awareness campaign {including a visual brand refresh of her logo and identity) for her which educated potential fans/followers as to the benefits of good nutrition, with a particular emphasis on the gut/brain link and how this can affect our mental wellbeing, using the overarching hashtag #GoodFood4Mood. This ran on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook.


To raise awareness of her business by primarily targeting busy women working in London, aged 28-40, who are looking to make a change in their health for good.


In summary, the results of my efforts produced a 3202% increase in Twitter impressions, 7600% increase in re-tweets, Twitter followers increased from 74 to 229 including influencers from her niche market. Consequently, website referrals increased Twitter 4600%, Instagram by 1400% and Facebook by 8600%.

I enlisted Vardeep as my social media manager as I found keeping up with social media very time consuming. From the get go she made great efforts to get to know me, my business and what message I was trying to get across. She came up with some fantastic ideas which once rolled out received a great response. It was fantastic to see things being done in the background, so I could focus my efforts directly on my clients. If you find social media a pain, I definitely recommend Vardeep’s services! She also has fab graphic design skills, and she created a lovely clean logo which was better than anything anyone else had done for me.
— Anoushka Davy