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The #Artskickers Awards recognise and reward individuals and organisations whose hard work, dedication, passion, slog and effort inspire communities to engage in and with the arts in East London.


We ran a community engagement campaign on social media, as well as in ‘real life’. I branded the entire event and designed all visual assets for online and offline, as well as running and managing the campaign on Twitter and collaborating with the others on general strategy for the campaign, including for use on Instagram and Facebook.


The aim was to build up the ‘story’ behind the awards, reach out to as many influencers across East London and get people to nominate via the website.


87,700 impressions in the week we ran a tweet chat, a jump in follower numbers from 710 at the start to 1,086 by the end of the campaign and weekly likes went from 117 to its highest at 489. Seeing my artwork come to life on Shoreditch Art Wall, courtesy of Global Street Art.