3 ways you can work with me in 2019

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Are you interested in working with me but are not sure how I might be able to help? Then here are three ways I can help you in 2019:

1. New logo and branding

Do you need a new logo and branding for your business but aren’t sure where to start? Are you wondering whether having a logo for your business will be worth the investment or if it will help you grow your business? Or you’ve just started a new business and that must you need a logo, right? 

I've worked with various business owners, from one man bands to medium sized businesses and have seen the positive impact having a professionally designed logo can make, so I am able to advise on whether this will be the right course of action at this stage of your business.

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Or maybe you know you need a new logo but don’t know what and what your branding should look like? All my packages include a choice of fonts and colours and involves you answering a questionnaire which delves into the strategy side of branding to help clarify what makes you, you. I then work from a visual point of view and help realise those values visually, which in turn creates trust in your target audience.

Branding is not what you say it is, it’s what they say it is.
— Marty Neumeier

Having a unique, distinctive and specially crafted logo designed for your business helps to put a stamp on your visual identity. It becomes a recognisable mark that people get used to seeing and identifying you with it and in turn you become memorable. People get to know who you are, what you do and what you stand for. It gives you brand clarity and makes designing other marketing and sales materials for your business much easier. 

2. Brand/logo refresh

Have you had your current logo for a while now and its starting to look dated? Or it doesn’t quite represent your business now? Or maybe you’d created it yourself and now realise that it needs to be designed professionally. Perhaps you’re at the next stage of your business and you are looking to expand into new markets?

I’ve worked with clients where they’ve need a special version of their logo created for example, an anniversary or they’d created the logo themselves but I have been able to show them an improvement with just a few tweaks.

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Just because you created a logo yourself doesn’t mean it will be terrible but I can help to tidy things up and look at the alignment and colours. For example, I can check it will work at a large and small size, I can tweak the colours to make sure they are representational of your brand values and make sure they complement each other, check the alignment of your logo and make sure its visual appealing. (See here from Creative Bloq on designing with grids)

Or maybe you’re at a stage where you want to grow your business and need to reach a new audience. (Macmillan refresh story) your choice of shapes, marks, fonts, colours and layout of designs will speak to specific types of people, so amending some of these elements can help to open up to new customers. 

I will also make sure you have a logo in formats that you can use anywhere and at any size. 

3. Graphic Design Services

You’ve got a logo and branding that you’re happy with but need a business card, social media banners and posts, brochures, flyer or pop up banners designed. I’ve got nearly 20 years experience in Graphic Design and am proud to have worked with some amazing companies in that time, such as: Pentagram, Marie Curie Cancer Care, EMAP and ODEON Cinemas. (See here for more work) This experience has allowed me to see the importance of a well considered branding as this helps to direct any further designed materials, which then continue to reinforce your values, as well as speak to your target audience - further enhancing trust in your viewers. 

Having a clear branding in place with guidelines helps to inspire you and the rest of your team and give you a framework to work from whilst building consistency. All the larger organisations do it, so why shouldn’t you?

Using a graphic designer will help your business look professional and in turn lets your audience takes you seriously. 

If you’d like to find out more or would like to start working with me, then you can contact me here or email me at hello@vardeep.com

Vardeep Edwards