How much does a logo design cost?


It's a question I get asked a lot and it's an important one to ask as I would want to know if I were in my client's shoes. But with prices varying online from a few pounds to the thousands of pounds, how are you supposed to know what is reasonable?

What are the benefits of having a professional logo designed?

  • Having a professional logo designed makes a great first impression.

  • It gives your business a professional identity.

  • It gains recognition for your business.

  • It allows for consistency across all your marketing.

  • And it helps you to stand out amongst your competition.

Please don't use a free logo maker!

Budget options have a place but do your research first. Have a look at what options are available, how many revisions and concepts you get and what the previous work is like.

Budget options are mainly there for people who don't yet have the finance to invest in having a logo designed for them or for those who don't value the benefits of having it designed professionally.

These types of services use generic logos, fonts, colours and styling from a bank of clipart. I know it sounds like a good option especially if you want something done quickly but they are not worth it. Your business won't be taken seriously, it won't stand out from your competition, it won't speak to your target audience and will give you no direction on what the rest of your branding and design material should look like.

Choosing a freelance designer or small design studio

These options generally fall under the mid-range options.

Building a relationship with a freelance designer is a great way to ensure you get what you need. They are able to focus on your project and dedicate time to work on it.

Small design studios sometimes have overhead costs built into their fees so they can be higher-priced then freelancers. But there is the potential to work with and gain the expertise of more than one person working on your logo project.

Using a design agency

This option is definitely at the higher end of the scale. Using a design agency will entail a much more extensive process and will involve many different people working on different aspects of your logo design. For example, when I freelanced at Pentagram, one of the jobs I was brought in to work on was for a branding project for Akzo Nobel. I was one of 14 freelancers. The work was shared out amongst all of us and together we worked on building the new logo into various outcomes which included: magazines, stationery, website, literature, photography, using it with sub-brands and many more.

"If you think the good design is expensive, you should see the cost of the bad design. "

Investing in your logo design

If you really can't afford to have your logo professionally designed right now then you can look at: applying for funding, asking for payment instalments from your designer, skill swap, doing your own brand research and defining your brand vision, mission, story and strategy so that you've covered a lot of the initial research already.

If you have the budget for a logo design, then that's great! Then when choosing a designer have a look at past work, client testimonials, how much industry experience they have, what their design process is, professionalism and if they have great customer service. It's also important to ask what logo file formats will be provided at the end of the project and if they will be designing your branding alongside your logo. After all, a logo is not your brand.

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