The 5 Creative Stages of my Branding Design process


A brand is much more than a product you buy or a logo. It’s a set of values that define a business or personality and is used to connect emotionally with its consumers. Ultimately, it is what your customers say and think about you. This blog aims to outline my branding design process that I work to.

1. Business goals and brand strategy

When a client first comes to me, they are either starting their branding from scratch, need a brand design refresh or need their logo re-designed to better reflect what their business is today. Every project starts with a discovery call to find out what's needed. I then ask them to fill out one of my branding questionnaires. My questionnaire covers questions like what their brand values are, their mission statement, who their target audience is. From here, I get a good insight of their business objectives, what they want out of a new brand and who their target audience is.


2. Research

Research is an essential part of any logo design and branding project. I look into the type of imagery, font usage, logos and colours of other businesses within that industry and from competitors. I also look at what their target audience are into and who they follow and start to build up a visual collection that acts as my moodboard for any project that I'm working on. This gives me direction of the styles of logo, suggested colours and fonts and design style to help direct my branding ideas.

3. Concept stage

From here, I start sketching and brainstorming ideas for a logo. I love drawing and getting back to using my pen on paper, it makes such a refreshing change from working so much on the computer! The initial ideas are rarely the ones I go for but it's good to get them out of my head. And then it's a process of working though ideas, researching further and playing around with ideas to see what could work. 

4. Concept development

The initial logo concepts are always in black and white, as a logo needs to work on its own without any distractions. I present various options to the client, which then opens up to the next stage of concept development, where we further refine the chosen logo and look into colour and font choices. These are based on a clients likes and dislikes, what works as well as looking into the psychology of colours and the personality of fonts.

5. Brand style guide

The final logo is a part of a collaborative process between myself and the client, as they need to be happy with the final result and feel proud to use their branding. So there is usually some back and forth with refinements, until we're both happy with the final outcome. I then package all logos into various formats, so that a client has most formats that they will need. I also include a brief brand reference guide, so that they have all the brand elements in one handy place. This piece of content also helps other staff members know what’s expected of the brand.

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Vardeep Edwards