Why I rebranded myself


I have recently rebranded myself for the first time in 18 years as The Branding Fox. Before, I had always used my name, Vardeep Edwards, as I wasn’t sure about naming myself something different or something that didn’t feel ‘me’. But earlier this year, I decided to invest in a Business Coach: (www.happyworkingmum.com) as I needed to find a focus for my freelance business.


I have been a Graphic Designer all my life, it was the profession I knew I wanted to get into ever since I started school. And I have loved working in Design over the years but since having children, I knew the demanding hours, deadlines and commuting to and from London had to stop. I wasn’t ready to not be there to pick my children up from school everyday. That was when I decided to take the Digital Mums Social Media Strategy Management Course, to find out how to market myself whilst working from home.


This was when things turned around for me in regards to working from home. I was no longer working in London everyday, networking with people and getting my name out there. So I had to find a different way to market myself and every bit of research I looked into pointed at using Social Media.

There were five of us in our peer group. We worked through the course together and supported each other through the process. It was 6 months of rigorous training, learning all about Social Media strategy, which included: influencer marketing, social advertising, campaign strategy, user persona profiling, competitor review, brand positioning and analytics. We then applied all that we’d learnt for a LIVE client, for which mine was a Nutritional Therapist.

After I graduated from the course, I wanted to put my newly learnt skills into practice. So I began to get as much social media working experience as possible.


That was 2 years ago and I can see that I have gained confidence in networking and connecting with people online over this time. And hands down, being part of the Digital Mums Collective has been a wonderful resource and community to be a part of, as well as being full of work opportunities.

Yet, I was still working on Graphic Design jobs as well as Social Media jobs. Which was fine in the beginning, but as I got busier, I was finding it more tricky to dedicate time to both disciplines and I didn’t want to my clients a disservice. Earlier this year, I knew I needed to decide on a main focus for my freelance business. I wanted be clear to my clients and any potential clients what it is that I do.


I had been mulling over whether to invest in a business coach for a while. I liked the idea of it but wasn’t sure if it was going to be worth it. But I got to a point where I thought I needed to make a change, so I took the plunge and chose www.happyworkingmum.com based on a recommendation within the Digital Mums community. And it was definitely the best decision I had made for my business thus far.

With my business coach we came to the conclusion that Branding was where everything fell into place for me. It fitted in naturally with my Graphic Design background as well as my Social Media skills. It married the two skills together perfectly. It focussed on visual identity as well as messaging, which is then fed into Social Media. Without a strong, clear brand identity, everything else becomes cloudy. I wanted to help businesses create clearly branded messaging on Social Media, as well as give them a strong identity that they can feel proud of and use in all their marketing.


And, so, The Branding Fox was born out of a need to be clear to myself and to potential clients, what I do, who I serve and who I am. Here’s to the next 10 years.

Vardeep Edwards