A brand is much more than a product you buy or a logo. It’s a set of values that define a business or personality and is used to connect emotionally with its consumers. Ultimately, it is what your customers say and think about you. Today, there are so many online tools to help you create a logo yourself or low cost options of doing so, but they are produced from a set of generic designs that you will see many other businesses using.

Your business needs to make an impression and your reputation matters.

Having a purposeful brand crafted for you, that uniquely represents you visually and speaks to your target audience will come across as authentic and help you stand out from your competition. All logos and brand identities I create are designed through research, experimentation and development. This means that the final result is a considered, well-thought out and professional representation of your business. A logo that is unique to your message, your brand and services. My brand identity and logo packages start at Β£595.

A logo that is unique to your message, your brand and services.

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  • Business Cards and Letterheads

  • Social Media Banners and Posts

  • Branded t-shirts

  • Branded tote bags

  • Branded mugs

  • Branded stickers

  • Branded flyers

  • Branded brochures

  • Branded leaflets

  • Web homepage mockup

social media

In addition to any branding services, I also offer social media strategy and social media campaign solutions for your business. My social media training was completed with CPD accredited Digital Mums, which I undertook a rigorous 6 months training learning all about Social Media strategy, which included: influencer marketing, social advertising, campaign strategy, user persona profiling, competitor review, brand positioning and analytics. As part of my training, I worked with a live client where I designed and delivered a B2C campaign to generate brand awareness on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook and included the use of advertising and promoting a competition.

Please contact me for more information and prices.

Not only did Vardeep increase my retweet rate by a WHOPPING 22,800% (yes, you read that right), she reached out to a new audience for me, she kept the whole social show on the road AND brought everything to life 🌟

I had ideas in my head. I puked them out to her in my own dingbattish way. She made everything colourful and eye-catching and superhero-ish. She is proper brilliexcellent 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟If you need help with your design or social, get in touch with VARDEEP. Do not hesitate. If I had half a clue as what I’m doign next and oodles of cash, I would hire her on the spot.
— Angie Gough, The #Artskickers Awards